Pray For

Yvonne Olacy

Lee Chavez

Daniel Chavez

 Patricia Zimmerly

 Demetrio Montoya

Lori Chavez

Mary Frances Hyde

Lena Ortega

Robert Archibeque

Ray, Toni and Pete Garcia

Toby, Lila and David Armijo

Bessie Sanchez

Priscilla Quintana

Cecilio Sanchez

Nigel Montano

Susan Trujillo

Dora Sanchez

Dominic Fuentes

Chase Atkins

Please have a family member call us to put someone on the sick list.  Please ask the sick person if he/she wants their name printed in in the bulletin. 
Prayers for the Men and Women in the Armed Forces:
If you have someone who is serving in the Armed Forces, let them know we are praying for them.