Faith Formation

BULLETIN ANNOUNCEMENT – Religious Education Office

19 May 2024

BENEDICTION:  Exposition position of the Blessed Sacrament and Benediction occurs every Sunday at 6 pm in the church.  The last Sunday of the month is done in SPANISH.  Please join us for a half hour of prayer and worship of our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament!  Pamphlets are available when you come in.  Please participate in the singing and prayer.  We look forward to seeing you there!

VIRTUS TRAINING: This mandatory training is due every five years.  If you need training, you may complete it, either in-person or online at www.virtusonline.org and submit it to Deacon Michael at deaconmichael@n-bvm.org He will add your name to our list of certified ministers. If this is your first training for Nativity, please also provide Deacon Michael with your birthdate and the ministry that you are involved in.  Please contact Deacon Michael at the e-mail above or at 340-0422 if you have any questions.

CAR DONATION: The Good Shepherd Center is in need of a vehicle to help them in their Housing Program. If anyone has a vehicle they are willing to donate, please contact Deacon Michael at 505-340-0422 or deaconmichael@n-bvm.org . The donation would be tax deductible.

CASSEROLES FOR THE HOMELESS:   Looking for a convenient way to serve?  If you would like to prepare a monthly casserole at the Good Shepherd Center, the only Catholic homeless shelter in Albuquerque, please Contact Deacon Michael at 340-0422 or deaconmichael@n-bvm.org Thank you all who continue to prepare casseroles for the Good Shepherd Center!

GOOD SHEPHERD CENTER:  All donations can be dropped off at Deacon Michael’s office So don’t throw away your used, but good condition items. The center is always in need of bottled water. They also need men’s clothing (Belts, shoes, jeans, shorts, T-shirts, new underwear), toiletries (Deodorant, Toothpaste, body lotion, toothbrushes, shampoo and soap, shaving cream and razors), food (canned Tuna and meat, canned and dried beans, canned vegetables and tomatoes, rice, spaghetti, powdered milk, ground or instant coffee) and housewares (please, no furniture) such as towels, bedding, toilet paper, small lamps, pots and pans, cups and plates, cleaning supplies, new shower curtains, cutlery, cooking utensils and new In-box small appliances.  This is an extensive list, but the center is not only providing meals for the homeless, but they are now helping them to establish new households.  The Center is always in need of your generous donations. 

Another way to help is through Amazon.  Go to www.GSCNM.org  and click on the “Other ways to help” tab.  Then click the Amazon Wishlist button and send your donation directly to the center!

Contact deacon Michael at 505-340-0422 or deaconmichael@n-bvm.org for more information.

ST FRANCIS HOUSE: If you would like to donate to support the St Francis house, please bring your clean clothing to the Parish Office and we will store them. Each Friday they will be transported to the St Francis house. Thank you for your generosity.

FROM THE SUPERINTENDENT: Now that summer is here, you have even more tie to spend with your kids and grandkids.  Don’t forget to read to them on a daily basis.  Or have them read to you!  Pray together.  Show them the love of God in the family This is the BEST investment you can make in the life of your child! And when summer is over they will be ready to join us as a student in our Catholic Schools! We provide a high-quality, faith-based education to your children.  Grandparents can play a vital role in the education of their grandkids and we want to thank them for their involvement in their grandkid’s education.  Many grandparents help with the tuition for their grandkids. Don’t wait until you die to give the kids a gift.  Catholic Education is truly the best gift you could give your grandkids! 

Please continue to pray for our Catholic Schools and support the school of your choice or by sending your kids or by donating to help other children through our scholarship fund. 

We are always looking for teachers, substitutes and staff.  Please answer God’s call to his service through the Catholic schools! The peace you will experience as one of God’s messengers is worth more than gold! If you know a friend or relative who might be interested, please refer them to us! Visit our website at:  www.asfcatholicschools.org and click on the Careers button. We are here to help you help your children. School tours are ongoing throughout the year. You may contact me directly at dillerbrun@asfnm.org or 505-831-8175.

WEDDINGS: If you are thinking about getting married, contact Deacon Michael at deaconmichael@n-bvm.org or 340-0422.  He will help you through the formation process as you prepare for the big day.  Formation is normally about 6 months.

ARE YOU MARRIED IN THE CHURCH?  If you have been married outside the Church, we invite you to contact us.  Normal preparation time is six months. We will do everything we can to help you get your marriage blessed by the Church in a special ceremony known as a convalidation.  Contact Deacon Michael at deaconmichael@n-bvm.org or 505-340-0422 for more information.

ANNULMENTS: Anyone in need of an annulment from a previous marriage should contact Deacon Michael at deaconmichael@n-bvm.org or 505-340-0422.  He will need to meet with you to explain the annulment process and discuss the particulars of your case.

BAPTISMS: If you have a child who needs to be baptized, contact Nicole at 340-0421 and she will arrange the time and date. BAPTISM CLASS in English is the second Sunday of the month at 9 am in the Pastoral Center and the 3rd Sunday in Spanish. No need to pre-register.  Simply come to the Pastoral Center if you need a baptism class. Godparents must be registered at their parish for six (6) months before the parish will sign an affidavit for Baptism.