Faith Formation

BULLETIN ANNOUNCEMENT – Religious Education Office

24 May 2020

COVID 19 UPDATE: We have moved into the first phase of reopening.  We are open for ALL MASSES (Weekday and Weekend). We are currently limited to 25% of our capacity, which equates to 75 in the church and up to 160 in the Pastoral Center.  This past weekend the maximum number we had at any of the Masses was 14 (including the staff).  We are practicing social distancing and using our masks, so bring yours and come along to worship with us!  We look forward to seeing many more people as we continue to rebuild our parishioner base.  Please keep monitoring our website, , for further information.

MASSES: 4:00 PM on Saturday. 7:30, 9:00,10:45 AM and 12:30 PM on Sunday. We are still recording our Masses for those who are at risk and are still at home. Please go to our website… and click on the Mass button to see our daily and Sunday Masses! 

CONFESSIONS: Father Nathan will do individual confessions by appointment from 9-12 and from 1–4 each weekday.  You do not need to go to confession because you missed Mass! Please call 340-0420 for an appointment.

OFFERINGS: Check out our beautiful new collection boxes at the door of the church and the Pastoral Center!  For those without electronic giving, please drop your envelope in the collection box, or put it in the mail slot to the left of the front door. If you don’t feel comfortable going out, call Dolores at 340-0423 and she can take your offering over the phone.

BAPTISMS: We are resuming baptisms!  If you have a child who needs to be baptized, contact Deacon Michael at 340-0422 and he will arrange the time and date.

CATECHISM REGISTRATION: It is more important than ever to know who is going to be here for the fall!  We don’t want to miss ANYONE who might want to send their kids or grandkids to learn about our faith!  We need all children from Pre-K 4 through Confirmation!  We teach EVERY grade level…not just the sacramental years.  Please go to , click on the religious education tab and go to the appropriate form to register your kids.  E-mail your completed form to [email protected] .

CONFIRMATION: Deacon Michael is still waiting for several Archbishops letters. He will be contacting each kid with outstanding requirements personally. Please send them to him now. For anyone with outstanding service hours, please complete them at HOME.  There are many opportunities to help mom and dad around the house.  Please contact Deacon Michael at [email protected] with any questions.

ST THERESE SCHOOL: We are offering summer school as well as a summer program entitled Camp Invention.  We are also accepting registrations for the Fall!  We expect to open on schedule in August and invite all of you to join us! Our new cafeteria/gym should be ready for the new school year!  Please call 344-4479 and leave a message if you are interested in registering or in one of the summer programs.  We will return your call ASAP. Our administrators and teachers are working very hard to continue educating the children during this time of school closures and stay-at-home orders.  Your safety is our first priority.  We thank you for your faith in us and your patience as we deal with this disruption to our normal lives.  THANK YOU for your continued support of St Therese Catholic School.

GOOD SHEPHERD CENTER: We are still serving our clients in every way possible.  Unfortunately, our Good Shepherd Sunday collection has passed.  But we are still accepting contributions.  If you know of anyone in need of help, please call the Good Shepherd Center at 234-2527  If you would like to help out financially, please go to our website: or contact Deacon Michael at 340-0421.