Faith Formation

BULLETIN ANNOUNCEMENT – Religious Education Office

18 July 2021

VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL: THANK YOU to all of the Station Leaders and Crew Leaders who made our VBS a wonderful success!  Thank you to the parents who entrusted your kids to us.  They all had a great time and hopefully they learned a little about Jesus too!

CATECHISM REGISTRATION:  Our new year will begin on Sunday, 19 September.  Please continue to register! Registration forms have been e-mailed to parents. They are also available on our webpage ( and on Facebook.  Our Sunday morning and Wednesday evening classes will be in-person.  Please fill out your registration form and send it back to Francesca so we can plan our numbers for the fall. Call Francesca at 340-0421 with any questions.

INTERESTED IN SHARING YOUR FAITH? We are looking for catechists for the fall.  If you are interested in sharing the faith with our little ones, please contact Deacon Michael or Francesca at 340-0421, [email protected] or [email protected] 

TRIPS OF A LIFETIME: Tired of being cooped up at home?  This is a perfect opportunity to break out and visit an exotic location in safety!  Once again, we will be auctioning off trips to various areas around the world at our Fiesta on 12 September.  All of our trips are good for three years!  Simply pick the place you have always wanted to travel too and bid!  This is the cheapest organized trip you will find and the parish gets a percentage of the cost!  Keep an eye on this spot for more specifics as we get closer to the Fiesta.

CONFESSIONS: Individual confessions are in the church at 3 pm on Saturdays. Simply come in the front door and join the line. All are welcome.

BAPTISMS: If you have a child who needs to be baptized, contact Francesca at 340-0421 and she will arrange the time and date.

MARRIAGE: Contact Deacon Michael if you would like to be married in the Church.  That includes convalidations (having your marriage blessed).  He can be reached at [email protected] or 340-0421

ANNULMENTS: Anyone in need of an annulment should contact Fr Nathan at 898-5253 ext 7.

ST THERESE SCHOOL:  We still have openings in our Pre-K, 4-year-old class!  Our Pre-K is a full day of education…not babysitting.  Your children will receive a high-quality education to get them started for Kinder next year and it costs less than daycare!  Please call Mary Giglio at 344-4479 for information and for an appointment!