Faith Formation

BULLETIN ANNOUNCEMENT – Religious Education Office

10 January 2021

MASS: WE ARE BACK IN THE CHURCH!  Please join us daily at 9 am, Saturday at 4 and Sunday at 7:30, 9, 1045 and 1230. Beginning this Saturday we will be holding Mass in the church once again.  If we have more people than the church can hold according to the latest edicts, we will also stream to the Pastoral Center for overflow.  We will be taking everyone’s temperature upon entering and we all need to properly wear a mask and maintain a six ft separation from those outside their immediate family.  For those of you who would like to come to Mass, but are still uncomfortable with being among people, we will be broadcasting the Masses on 88.1 FM into the parking lot.  We will come out after Mass to distribute communion.  For those of you still unable to leave your homes, we will be streaming all daily Masses and the 4 pm Saturday Mass.  ALL are welcome here at Nativity!

CATECHISM: DON’T FORGET…Next Week we will be off for the Martin Luther King holiday.  Starting on 24 January, we will be having in-person classes again.  If you were in-person before Thanksgiving, please be at the Pastoral Center in time for your child to get temped for a 1045 start.  If you have been on distance learning and would like to begin in-person classes again, please contact Francesca at 340-0421 to ensure there is room.

CONFIRMATION: Second year confirmation candidates...your project is due in February.  If you haven’t started working on it yet, please get going. Deacon Michael will be meeting with individual candidates over the next two weeks to check on your progress.  Don’t wait until the lest minute.

1st RECONCILIATION: We will be accomplishing this sacrament as a drive-up reconciliation.  Francesca is scheduling children in ½ hour increments from 3-4:30 during the week.  Parents will drive up to the sacristy window of the church, where Father will be waiting.  Please roll down the driver’s window and get out of the car.  The child receiving 1st reconciliation will slide over to talk to Father through the window.  Please ensure your child wears their mask and has a copy of their act of contrition.  Once Father assigns them a penance and offers absolution, he will hand their certificate to them.  At that point the parent may re-enter the car and depart.  Thank you for your patience and understanding of our modified procedures.

CONFESSIONS: Individual confessions for everyone else continue at 3 pm on Saturdays. Father will meet you at the center window of the Church sacristy as you drive up.  Simply open your driver window and come to reconciliation!

BAPTISMS: If you have a child who needs to be baptized, contact Francesca at 340-0421 and she will arrange the time and date.

MARRIAGE: Contact Deacon Michael if you would like to be married in the Church.  That includes convalidations (having your marriage blessed).  He can be reached at 340-0421 or [email protected]

ANNULMENTS: Anyone in need of an annulment should contact Fr Nathan at 898-5253 ext 7.

CATHOLIC SCHOOLS:  Our Catholic Schools are struggling financially. They depend solely upon tuition and fundraising.  This year, their traditional forms of fundraising have been curtailed because of the virus.  Please help our Catholic schools with a donation to help them through this year.  Contribute to the Catholic School of your choice to help ensure that the Catholic Schools are here in the future for your grandchildren!

ST THERESE SCHOOL: We are back in session!  We offer in-person AND distance learning.  New students are welcome to join our community. Contact us at 344-4479 to tour the school or register!  Also, add your name to St. Therese Catholic school’s memorial wall with a memorial tile!  Each tile will be mounted on the front wall of our new cafeteria!  Many of you or your children attended St. Therese Catholic School. Now is the time to leave a message for all to see! Memorialize your family or family members! Please see the link for more details: