Faith Formation - Baptism for Non Infants

We offer a baptism preparation class to those children who were not baptized before they reached the age of reason (7 years).  This class is known in some places as the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA) modified for children.  This is the method we use to bring older children into the church through baptism.  If your child is 4th grade or older please consider enrolling them in this class if they have not been baptized.
We will cover such issues as the meaning of Lent, Catholic liturgical seasons, the baptism ceremony, baptismal symbols, the Word of God, the Easter Vigil and we will also watch a video about baptism before practicing for the Easter ceremony.  This class is structured so that your child can attend during their normal class time.  Their catechists will provide them with any material they may miss while attending baptismal class.
To register your child for this class, in addition to their normal religious education class, contact us at (505) 898-5253, Ext 1 or send us an e-mail at or