Faith Formation

BULLETIN ANNOUNCEMENT – Religious Education Office

16 December 2018


Christmas can be a painful time for some people. We want to recognize this and help you through your pain. The constant refrain on TV and Radio, at Church, in the stores all remind us about the happiness of the season. But these things can often remind us about a sadness in our lives. It could be a lost loved one. Or it could be a lost job, lost opportunity, lost dreams, poor health or the pain of isolation. As the days of fall grow shorter, the darkness grows longer and our personal darkness often envelops our joyful feelings. For these reasons, Nativity will host a Blue Christmas service TOMORROW at 4 pm on 17 December in the church. Everyone who feels in need during our Advent and Christmas seasons is invited to come and share with us in prayer, scripture and music. The service will be followed by a simple reception in the Pastoral Center.


Posadas is an annual tradition here at Nativity. We move the celebration from house to house for each of the 9 days of the novena leading up to Christmas. This year our second year confirmation kids have been asked to host on Friday, 21 December at 6 pm in the Arthur Tafoya Parish Hall. We encourage parents, sponsors families and friends to come and celebrate this event with the Confirmation kids. As this is a parish celebration, parishioners are welcome to come and join the festivities. There is plenty of room for everybody!


Catechism will NOT be meeting for the next two weeks. We will be off on 23, 26 and 30 December as well as 2 January. We will begin class again Sunday, 6 January at our normal time.


Parents: Please contact us if you would like us to schedule youth events for the winter/Spring. We are looking at a dance workshop, volleyball tournament and/or a kickball tournament. Please contact Francesca at 340-0421 so she can record your preferences.


Christmas is coming! Confirmation Affidavits are due on TODAY! If you haven’t turned it in yet, contact your sponsors now to get them to fill it out. If you have not yet provided your birth and baptismal certificates to Francesca in the Faith Formation office, please do so now.


Several candidates have missed one or more of our service events. Please call Francesca ASAP at 340-0421 if you were one of them. She will tell you what you need to do to make up the event and provide the report to documentation to her.


Join like-minded individuals in Santa Fe on Wednesday, 16 January to bring awareness to the crisis facing sanctity of life in New Mexico! There will be Mass at noon in the Cathedral with the three bishops of New Mexico, followed by a 1:30 procession to the roundhouse. Participate in a 2 pm rally and a have a chance to speak to the legislators about protecting life. Call 831-8167 for more information.