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Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Catholic Church
Since 1907
Nativity is Praying for...

Please Pray for:
Prayers for the Men and Women in the Armed Forces:
If you have someone who is serving in the Armed Forces, let them know we are praying for them.
Please call the office to add or delete someone.
Steve Sanchez*
Matthew Chavez**
Steven Risinger**,
Dorothy Martinez**
Sally Baca**
Teofilo Vigil**
Jeanette Romero**
Anna Sanchez**
Angie Wilson**
David & Lila Armijo***
Chelsea McDowell**
Daniel, Arthur
Christopher, Alex Martinez, Matthew Martinez*
Patricia Espalin**
Pete & Anthony Garcia**
Theresa Benavidez*
Linda, Candy and Patricia*
Bishop Tafoya*
Brian Bower*

Please have a family member call us to put someone on the sick list.  Please ask the sick person if he/she wants their name printed in in the bulletin.